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Salute to Chick-fil-A, the BSA, and the USA

Salute to Chick-fil-A, the BSA, and the USA

There’s a great American, a country singer (real country) named Aaron Tippen, who wrote a song titled “You’ve Got to Stand for Something or You’ll Fall for Anything”… the song was about his dad. He wrote it around 1991 I think… here’s the chorus: “He’d say you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall […]

I Will Not Compromise My Faith


Even when the world is going crazy around me, Even when thing after thing keeps going wrong, Even when problem after problem keeps popping up in front of me, I will not compromise my faith. Even when my anger temps me to do the wrong thing, Even when my frustration boils over, Even when enemies […]

Harry Cohen, a Life Not Wasted

Harry Cohen, 11/6/1993 - 8/29/2011 a Life Not Wasted

  My previous blog post What is the Value of a Life hit home recently when a local high school senior died unexpectedly. We lost a beautiful life on August 29, 2011: star athlete, high school senior, football team captain, quarterback, son, stepson, brother, cousin, friend, teammate, a young man loved by everyone. Harry Cohen: […]

What is the Value of a Life?

What is the Value of a Life?

  To some it’s not much. To others it’s incalculable. Most people value the life of a child more than the life of an older person. I think it’s the promise of a life yet to be lived. For example if a disaster strikes and you literally can only save one, most everyone would save […]

Random Thoughts from the Week, July 24th 2011

Random Thoughts from the Week, July 24th 2011

The preacher had a good sermon today – I hate it when that happens, cuts in to my nap time! Actually, he did have a good sermon. … I do believe that we’re given at least one gift everyday, it’s up to us to actually notice it… and no, I don’t really think this includes […]

The Last SIN Eater – Screenplay Review

The Last SIN Eater - Screenplay Review

A Burlington, NC Christian acting group, Act On Ministries is the first to create and produce a screenplay for “The Last SIN Eater”. Like a piece of unhemmed fabric in the wind, lies will eventually unravel. Sometimes the lies are so tightly woven into the fabric we know as our reality, we’re completely unprepared for […]

It’s for the Glory of God… It’s Not About You…

It's for the Glory of God... It's Not About You...

  We’re nothing, God is everything… We have no power, no talent, no skills, nothing, other than what God give us… it’s up to us to hone (sharpen for those of you who have never sharpened anything) those abilities and gifts to their fullest… However, very, very few realize or even begin to understand that […]

Pendulum Swings – Movie Review

Pendulum Swings - Movie Review

Pendulum Swings is the first full-length feature film from Tri-Rahn Pictures, a production company based in the Hickory, NC area. Tri-Rahn Pictures was formed by Bill Rahn to produce Christian based films. Bill Rahn has 27 years of film and video production experience with his company Professional Video Service of North Carolina. For this film, […]

Jesus – My Anti-Depressant

Jesus - My Anti-Depressant

  We thirst for knowledge and yearn for power: yet I’m sure the more we think we know, the less of either we actually obtain. Parts of this blog post have been fermenting in my brain for a while now. I think it started when I first saw a commercial on TV for the drug […]